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Scale and Odor Control

Dissolves and removes uric acid, a source of bothersome restroom odors and hard water scale buildup in urinals and toilets. Monthly application will remove scale, rust, and other debris from traps and under the flush rim. Urinakleen® will keep urinals flowing freely and eliminate uric acid salt buildup and odors. Urinakleen® contains the acid inhibitor RD-188 for added surface protection.


  • Attacks primary source of restroom odors
  • Dissolves uric acid salts and water scale from urinal/toilet trap
  • Powerful and effective; keeps urinals free-flowing
  • Contains RD-188 inhibitor for added surface protection

Urinakleen 12 quarts/cs

SKU: NL020-Q12
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  • Read the entire label and SDS for proper use, handling and storage before using this product.

    Use in well-ventilated areas on acid-safe surfaces. Do not mix with ammonia or bleach. Do not apply to chrome or metal fixtures. Wear appropriate PPE.

    • Flush urinal or toilet.
    • Remove urinal screens, debris, and odor control blocks.
    • Shut off automatic flush sensors.
    • Pour 8-16 oz. of product into urinal or toilet bowl and allow to remain for 10-15 minutes.
    • Swab interior surfaces with bowl brush.
    • Turn on automatic flush sensors.
    • Flush to rinse.
    • Repeat if stubborn stains reappear.

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