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Bioenzymatic Drain Cleaner/Maintainer

Open and maintain your drains with Bactizyme, the natural way to break down organic materials such as grease, soap, fats, food, waste, and scum which causes drains and plumbing to run slowly. Reduces buildup in pipes and drain lines. Controls “sugar snakes” in of drain lines of soda fountains. Keeps drains lines and plumbing flowing freely.


  • Safe bioenzymatic action
  • Keeps drains flowing freely
  • Reduces and eliminates odors
  • Eliminates sugar snakes in soda fountain drains
  • No harsh chemicals
  • Acid free; no fumes

Bactizyme gallons 4/cs

SKU: NL044-Q12
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  • Read the entire label and SDS for proper use, handling and storage before using this product.

    Shake gently before use.

    • Apply at time of low to no flow.
    • Allow product to remain in pipes and drains for several hours before using.
    • Repeat procedure on 2-3 consecutive days in the beginning then do periodic maintenance as needed.

    Drain cleaning / opening: Apply 6-12 oz. per drain.

    Drain maintenance: Apply 2-4 oz. per drain.

    Grease traps / Sump pits: Add 8 oz. per 25 gallon capacity.

    Septic systems: Add 8 oz. per 1000 gallon capacity.

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